Little Master with rotavator


Rotavator: Our rotavator blades are different than other rotavator blades. 

These are made out of 50 mm width and 6 mm thick alloy steel material

and heat treated. There are very less chances of damaging blades.


These blades are fitted on frame in such a way that impact load is equally distribute with all blades nut bolts.

Blade’s taper angle helps to penetrate blade in to soil gently. And dig out small stones from soil easily.

Small radius helps to slip out blade from any obstruction which is below the top soil.

Due to sharp edge of blade, roots get trim gently by cutting action, which is minimum injury action. This helps to reduce dormant period of the plant/ tree.

Other type rotavator blades trim roots by pulling action, which injure roots heavily. This pulling action extend plant dormant period.




Standard sizes:


1 .24”width with 16 tines. 

Effective working width; 28 to 30” Depth: 6 to 8”

2. 36”width with 24 tines.

 Effective working width 40 to 42” Depth: 6 to 8”

As per require width can be made available up to 36”width.






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